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  • New training:  Grief and Loss in Adoption, Thursday, May 11, 2017

  • Registration for the 9th Annual Golf Outing is now open.

  • New tip sheet: Sustaining & Strengthening the Sibling Bond. Sibling relationships help promote resiliency, especially in cases where children are facing a difficult situation together. In many cases, a sibling may be the only constant presence and safe haven for a child or young person. (2.28.2017)

  • The focus in foster care is often on a child's relationship with his or her parent(s) and the efforts to restore that connection. Children in care live outside their parental home for a period of time and, in the case of some, for the remainder of their childhoods. We know these separations create anxiety, grief, and loss for both parent and child. Often, what further impacts the trauma of living apart is the separation from sibling(s). This issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin offers suggestions and resources to help you care for the children in your home - and their siblings. (2.1.2017)

  • This issue of Partners focuses on sibling connections in the world of adoption and foster care; the thoughts, feelings, and associated meanings about siblings take on forms only those familiar can understand. Adoptive and foster families dare to tell the world that connection is important and that family is not simply defined. (2.1.2017)

  • New tip sheet: Coming Out of the Dark: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children & Youth and How to Help Promote Healing. It can sometimes be difficult to know for certain if a child in your care has witnessed domestic violence. Being able to listen openly, as a caregiver, can be important for a child to share their experience and to help him or her build trust with you. (12.2016)


Latest News
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