Partners Summer 2019: Transracial Adoption

In this issue of Partners, we’re tackling a tough topic. We are talking about race and parenting children and youth transracially. It’s a subject that can be challenging—certainly for us to write and talk about, and for many others to read about and live with.
We know that, when it comes to foster care and adoption, children of color are disproportionately represented—both in care and adopted transracially (Zill, 2017). As an organization, the Coalition is committed to the advocacy that is required to lower the number of all children in care. Additionally, we have a responsibility today to the children, youth, and parents who are left to manage the dynamics of transracial parenting and transracial adoption. Many of the families we serve must not only navigate the challenges of adoption, but also those of transracial adoption. We believe parents need resources to support their children of color, promote healthy racial identity, and equip them with tools to be allies and advocates in the fight for racial justice.
We hope what we have shared in this issue gives you the opportunity to reflect, think, and explore more.
In this edition of Partners, you’ll find articles about:
  • Why Transracial Parents Need to See Color
  • Conversations about Race in a Transracial Adoptive Family: One Mom’s Story
  • Are You Ready to Parent–or Adopt–Transracially?
  • Understanding Racial Identity Development
  • Resources for further support

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