Let’s Talk: Reunification

When families begin their foster journey, they do it knowing that, in the end, the child in their care may be reunified with their birth family. But, as foster families know all too well, the knowledge and the feelings don’t always coincide. So, Let’s Talk about Reunification.

There are so many strong feelings that occur during reunification: sadness, happiness, loss, anger, relief, fear–just to name a few! Let’s talk about how we can help the children in our care prepare for this life-changing transition. Let’s talk about how we can prepare the foster family for this life-changing transition. And let’s talk about ways to develop a good relationship with the birth family from the very beginning and how and why that can aid in the child’s transition home. Come to the discussion with a willingness to share and discuss your experiences with reunification.

The discussion will be led by Peg Cadd, Resource Specialist at the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families, and a foster parent for over 40 years. We hope that you will leave the discussion encouraged by the experiences of each other and with a host of resources to help you and your families feel more confident and resilient as you continue your journey.

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