Lying as Trauma-Driven Behavior Webinar

About the Training:  Lying is a common (and challenging) protective behavior for all people, but can feel especially baffling in our children who have experienced trauma. Families often get stuck in a vicious cycle of difficult behavior, parent reaction, and then more difficult behavior. This webinar will help you understand lying as a trauma-driven behavior and will give you ideas on how to respond in a way that will actually increase trust and decrease fear—the very thing that is driving the lying in the first place. This webinar will help you get to the root of the lying without relying on short-term behavior fixes or fear-based compliance.


About the Trainer:  Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, LMSW, RPT-S is a nationally renowned psychotherapist specializing in adoption, attachment, and trauma. Living in Grand Rapids, MI, Robyn is currently focusing her impact on supporting therapists and parents of children who have experienced trauma. Robyn has significant experience working with young children and their families, as well as adults. She is a speaker, trainer, and writer whose greatest superpower is being with people in a way that makes them feel seen, gotten, heard, and deeply cared for.

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