Creating Love Maps with the Children in Your Care

Have you heard of Love Maps? According to The Gottman Institute, Love Maps help you get to know one another better and can help you create stronger relationships together.

The key to Love Maps is open-ended questions, such as:

• Name two of your closest friends. Can you tell me something you like about them?
• What kind of music do you like best?
• Who is your favorite celebrity? Is there a particular thing you like best about them?
• What is your favorite food?
• What is your favorite color?
• What is your favorite holiday? What do you like about it?
• What is your favorite memory with your birth parents?
• What is something that you like/dislike about our family? Can you share an example with me?
• What are some things that make you afraid?
• What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

You can also offer the opportunity for children to ask questions about you, too, so they can start to build their own Love Maps. Make a game of it by taking turns asking questions, or writing them down on pieces paper, and taking turns drawing them out of a bowl.

Once you get started making Love Maps, you might even make it a regular activity in your family! Update your Love Maps frequently to keep those connections strong.

P.S. You can also create Love Maps with your partner, co-parent, or significant other to keep your couple relationship strong, too!