Online Inspiration & Resources for Self-Care

Self-care is always an important component in all of our lives–now more than ever! We have curated a list of online inspirational and self-care resources that you and the children in your care may find helpful.

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Please note: some of the apps listed below are completely free, others are subscription-based, and others offer free services with the option of purchasing more.

  • Happify App:  This app is designed to make you happier by funneling the “science of happiness” through technology.
  • Explore nature with the National Parks Service and the National Parks apps.
  • Grateful App:  If you’re feeling down, it can work wonders to take some time to think about all the things you have to be thankful for. 365 is another gratitude app.
  • Try out some coloring apps– and Happy Color
  • Shine App:  Self-care doesn’t have to be a daunting or hours-long experience. Join Shine and see how a quick check-in with yourself every day can change everything.
  • Try keeping a self-care journal with the Reflectly app.
  • Abide App:  For those interested in a faith-based approach to meditation and self-care, the Abide app offers bedtime stories and daily meditations.
  • Aloe Bud App:  Aloe Bud gently brings awareness to self-care activities using encouraging push notifications. Helpful reminders from yourself, to yourself.
  • There are a number of meditation apps that you might try! Suggestions include Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace, and Mindful Mamas.

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