The most significant and long-lasting relationships in our lives can often be with our siblings. Siblings are with us in our most formative years and are often our first and last friends as we journey through life.

When families are involved in systems of care, siblings can sometimes live in different places. In that case, it is the adults’ responsibility to consider creative ways to help the children maintain connections.

According to Casey Family Programs, while current and reliable national data is lacking, research indicates that between 65% and 85% of children in foster care have a sibling in care. However, despite the benefits of joint sibling placements, they estimate that 53% to 80% of children with siblings are separated from one or more of their siblings while in care.

Keeping siblings connected is an integral part of caring for a child. The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families has compiled several resources to learn about creative ways to ensure kids know where their siblings are and feel sure of their safety and well-being when separated. If you would like to learn more about the importance of sibling connections, we invite you to explore the following resources.

Recommended Resources

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  • Siblings in Adoption and Foster Care: Traumatic Separations and Honored Connections, by Deborah N. Silverstein and Susan Livingston Smith
  • Partners Newsletter: Siblings

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