No one knows you quite how your sibling does – the good, the bad, and everything in between. National Siblings Day is observed each year on April 10th to honor the bonds between brothers and sisters. In adoption, foster care, and relative caregiving, one of the main goals for a potential placement is keeping siblings together.

The connection between siblings is especially significant when children and youth have been separated from other birth family members. This relationship can provide continuity and stability when it is desperately needed. Whenever possible, siblings can and should be placed together. In those situations where siblings cannot remain together, an effort towards maintaining and building connections among siblings in a safe and healing environment is of utmost importance.

Research shows that siblings placed together experience a lower risk of failed placements as they feel more secure, leading to an easier adjustment to an unfamiliar environment. Anyone with a sibling knows that their brothers or sisters are the only people who truly understand their life experiences and share their life histories – they can be compared to different flowers grown in the same garden. Take a look at the resources listed below to learn more about the unique bond shared by siblings.

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