My first introduction to the Coalition came in 1999. The organization was then the Special Needs Adoption Network (SNAN). I was assigned to work with SNAN as part of a college class internship. On my first day, I walked to my car and found that I had a flat tire. Panicked and anxious, I called in. I tripped over my words, trying to explain that I couldn’t come in and apologizing with every other breath. I was afraid they would cancel my internship. Worried that I’d fail the class, that I wouldn’t graduate.

As you might imagine, none of that happened. Rather, it was my first experience with what so many have come to expect from the staff of this amazing organization: compassion, understanding, and encouragement. About a year later, I returned to work as a full-time staff member for the Coalition. Twenty-three years later, it’s an honor to be here still, helping to honor and celebrate a 40-year history that continues to unfold.

Our staff has grown and shrunk, as have our programs and services. We have met and supported thousands of families and professionals across Wisconsin. We have faced challenges and have learned how resilient and hopeful we all are—how resilient and hopeful YOU are, because none of what we have accomplished in the past 40 years would have been possible without you.

Your registration for and attendance at special events, fun family outings, and learning opportunities; your sponsorship of programs or projects or events; your planned and monthly gifts; your just-in-time donations . . . even your kindnesses and introductions to others who may benefit from knowing us have all brought us to where we are today. And I sincerely hope that you will stay with us for the next 40 years. Because of you, one day, we will see our vision come to life: a family for every child and support for every family.

All my best,

Jenna Czaplewski
Director of Communications