Dear Friends,

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. I can’t express how honored I am to lead an agency that began with the idea that we could do better for children, youth, and families. Since then, many things have changed and improved, while others need further attention and intentional work so that all children grow up in strong and resilient families.

Today, we enter a new era that asks us to have a more holistic view of family. One that asks us to help maintain familial connections so that children, youth, and adults impacted by our systems no longer have to wonder and grieve things out of their control.

And just as the founders of our agency knew that we could do better, today’s Coalition staff and board members know it also. We may not always see the same path, but we know that healing and thriving are born out of connections and that more than one person can love and care for a child regardless of where they live at any point in time.

So as we celebrate 40 years and move forward into the future, we thank all who have supported us on the journey and those who will continue to help us grow for many more years.



Oriana Carey