Being a parent or caregiver of children can be wonderful, rewarding, and exciting. At other times, it can be challenging, disappointing, and stressful.

At the Coalition, we take great pride in our heartline, a dedicated free support hotline service inclusive of all parents, caregivers, youth, professionals serving them, and others. We offer a caring, safe, neutral (non-judgmental) place for callers who need support, have questions, or simply need someone to talk to.

What are some common calls we receive?

  • I want to learn more about fostering/adopting.
  • I am thinking of making an adoption plan.
  • I need help navigating the child welfare system (or other systems such as schools, courts, etc.).
  • I am looking for support groups (or other specific resources).
  • I need training and educational resources to help me support my child or the child I am caring for.
  • I just want to be seen and heard.
  • I am struggling with my child’s behaviors and mental health and getting them the help they need.
  • I am not sure what to do or who can help.

When you connect with us, you can expect a warm welcome and compassionate response from a member of our Resource Team. Our Resource Specialists are committed to actively listening and providing customized guidance, support, information, referrals, and resources for your specific circumstances.

Calls are typically scheduled during business hours; however, we realize that families and professionals may occasionally need to contact a Resource Specialist for resources or connections to support resources after typical business hours. As a result, we offer after-hours calls by appointment for families and professionals to talk to members of our Resource Team.

Call or email us to schedule a time to connect with a Resource Specialist today. We can be reached at 414-475-1246 or We look forward to talking with you soon!

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