Coalition for Children, Youth & Families logoEvery child needs a champion. Every champion needs support.

Our fundamental purpose is to strengthen foster and adoptive families, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to continually move toward resilience and stability. Families who use the Coalition services have:

  • Increased access to and use of resources
  • A stronger network of support
  • Improved confidence in their ability to be a “no matter what” family

We believe that, because of our work, foster and adoptive families are strong and resilient—they are flexible, accepting, able to celebrate each victory, and endure lifelong.

Building awareness 

“You offer so many resources that are beneficial from the very start.”


“The Coalition is a great resource–for any type of adoption.”

Information and support for families and professionals 

  • A trusted, continuing presence for a family’s foster or adoptive journey
  • A central, comprehensive knowledge hub
  • A compassionate, responsive, and safe place
  • Ensuring more families persist and endure “No Matter What
  • Providing resources and information online to over 33,000 web visitors in 2018
  • 112 informational tip sheets, which were downloaded over 7,000 times in 2018
  • Weekly email newsletter with over 6,000 subscribers

“I’m so grateful to know there is a resource like you out there for all families. I am going to share what an amazing and helpful organization you are!”
– Benji, foster and adoptive father


“I feel like the Coalition truly cares about families.”
– Linda, adoptive parent

Ongoing training opportunities 

  • Champion Classrooms: an online, on-demand training portal for learners
  • Online statewide calendar of events
  • Annual conferences for parents and professionals
  • Trained 667 parents in various course offerings in 2018
  • 99% of attendees say that, as a result of their training attendance, they have increased their knowledge of a topic

“I wanted to let you know I tell all my families to look at your information because it is so helpful.”
– Tammy, case manager


“Coalition conferences give us the opportunity to gain confidence in our parenting skills, and to connect with other families just like ours and share experiences. It’s made a world of difference just to know we’re not alone.”