Dear Friends,

I hope that this newsletter finds you well. I also hope that as you read it, you take a moment to recognize that everything we share here is made possible because of exceptional individuals like you. Finally, I hope this newsletter gives you a reprieve from all the often discouraging news we are bombarded with daily. In this edition of the Backer Bulletin, you will read a story from a parent who reminds us that when you are able to find the support you need, you know it. And in finding what you need, you are better prepared to help someone grow, heal, and thrive. Your support of our work helps us build encouragement for families like the one in the story included here. It shines a light on how information, resources, and support can—and do—lead to healing. And, when there is healing, there is a positive contribution to our communities. Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, and allowing us the opportunity to build more inspiring stories of hope.


Oriana Carey
Chief Executive Officer