Raising a child of a different race comes with a lifetime commitment to anti-racist parenting and openness to learning all you can. But, as adoptive parents Donna and Doug quickly found out, it’s hard to know where to even start. “When whiteness is your default, you don’t know what you don’t know. The Coalition’s Transracial Parenting Series was such an eye-opener for us.”

The first time their son, Devon, told them about the racism he was experiencing at school, their impulse was to suggest he misunderstood or was being too sensitive. “We simply didn’t know how to talk to our 9-year-old about racism, so we avoided it. However, we knew we needed to do better by Devon, so we reached out for help. The Coalition’s transracial on-demand webinars were our gateway into the process of knowing how to support and advocate for Devon as a person of color.”

Launched in November of 2020, the Champion Classrooms Transracial Parenting Series offers live webinars and free recordings on topics ranging from “Anti-Racist Parenting” to “Promoting a Healthy Cultural Identity.” Presenters include local and national experts on transracial parenting and the voices of transracial adoptees. To date, the series has been accessed over 1,200 times.

Doug shared that what he appreciates most about the Transracial Parenting Series is “having access to those voices that I otherwise might not have opportunities to hear–men and women of color with lived experience. As white adoptive parents, we need help as we do the work necessary to guide our son and honor all of who he is.”

We can add more learning opportunities to the Transracial Parenting Series because of generous donations from people like you. Thank you.