Each year we continue to meet the ongoing and emerging needs of the families we serve. However, as the costs of delivering high-quality services continue to rise, it can be challenging to access the financial resources to meet those needs.

When you give to the Coalition, you will empower confident parents and caregivers who are raising the next generation of strong and resilient community members and leaders.

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    • Buy a corporate table or be a sponsor for the annual Champions’ Gala.
    • Fill a foursome or become a sponsor for our annual golf outing.
    • Purchase course from Champion Classrooms to help support families who are fostering, adopting, and providing kinship care.
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After talking about it for years, Anne and Peter finally took that first step toward becoming licensed foster parents. They attended an informational meeting and began working through the daunting paperwork–the application, an interest survey, proof of insurance, contacting references, and so much more.

Although friends, family, and coworkers were supportive and excited for them, everyone had a cousin who had a friend who had a neighbor who had advice on the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of the licensing process. “It’s important that you be really honest with your licensing agency.” “If you’re too honest about your concerns, they won’t license you!” “Do respite until you feel ready.” “The only way to be ready to jump in with both feet!” It all became confusing and overwhelming. If only they could talk to someone who was both experienced and impartial. A friend suggested they call the Coalition.

Anne made that call expecting to leave a message. Instead, she was pleasantly surprised to be immediately connected with a Resource Specialist who understood completely. After a half-hour on the phone, they not only had all their questions answered but were reassured their concerns were perfectly normal and expected. After the call, the Resource Specialist emailed them with tip sheets and some suggested websites for new foster parents. Anne and Peter responded, “It was so nice to not only talk with someone who helped us work through our first-time parenting jitters but to know that we aren’t alone in how we’re feeling. Thank you. I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon!”

It might seem like having an empathetic and knowledgeable person to speak with or sending an email with helpful information was simple enough. And yet, for prospective foster parents like Anne and Peter, it was just what they needed to feel empowered and ready to “jump in with both feet.” Thank you for supporting the seemingly simple, everyday work of the Coalition; thank you for helping Anne and Peter along with their fostering journey.

Just before the holidays, a young mother made a desperate call to the Coalition. She had grown up in foster care and aged out with unhealed emotional wounds and no family supports. She told the Resource Specialist she was feeling lost and was terrified that she would lose her own children without help. She said she had reached out to other organizations, but she was too overwhelmed to even begin to know what she was asking for. The Resource Specialist assured her they would sort through it together and come up with a plan for getting her the needed help. During the conversation, her love for her children and concern for their well-being was abundantly clear. She was doing an exceptional job under difficult circumstances. She just needed some support and reassurance. The Coalition was quickly able to get her connected with a peer support group, an excellent therapist, and various other resources. Just two weeks after the initial contact, she called back, excited to share that not only did she now have a therapist who could truly help her heal, she’d already made meaningful connections with the support group and felt understood for the first time ever. “The Coalition literally did more for me in a couple of phone calls than anyone else in my whole life. I know I can do this. My oldest son even mentioned I look happier.” She continues to check in with reports of her amazing progress every few weeks.  Her last email was a large photo of her boys waving and smiling from ear to ear. The subject line read, “Thank you!”

You never really know how an evening spent with a group of strangers is going to go. Yet every time we host a Parent Talk event, we see strangers become supporters. Over a little pizza and a lot of sharing stories, it never fails that, at some point, one person in the room will exhale. Their shoulders come down, and they lean back in their chair, and they let out a breath that they have been holding in for far too long.

It doesn’t matter what form of adoption helped grow a person’s family. As adoptive parents, everyone in the room shares a lot of experiences and feelings—whether they adopted from the U.S. or internationally or from foster care. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to adoption or a veteran. As one parent said, “It is always helpful to me to hear adoptive parents tell their stories. Our child is older than most of the other children discussed in the group, but it’s gratifying to be able to encourage younger parents who are dealing with similar issues that we have been through with our son.”

In the end, the circles of support forged at these Parent Talk events will carry parents through to the next step. Sitting in that room, sharing stories, they know, “you’re not the only one who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders. You’re not alone. Someone gets it . . . and they support you.”

“As an adoptive parent, I’m ever aware that I’ve been entrusted with the care of another mother’s precious child. On those hard days when Charlie was raging out of control for reasons not even he understood, I was filled with self-doubt and felt like a bad mom. Friends and family were well-meaning, but they didn’t understand Charlie’s trauma and behaviors and ended up making me feel even worse.

“Then, about two years ago, I discovered the Coalition. On a particularly difficult day, I called there and spoke with someone who reassured me there was indeed hope, and among other things she suggested I attend a ‘Parent Talk.’ This was a gathering of adoptive parents where we shared our experiences over pizza and offered one another support and encouragement. It felt amazing to be surrounded by a room full of people who knew exactly how I felt and had been through similar experiences—including self-doubt and overwhelm. It was such a relief! That was the first of many affirming, life-altering Coalition events for our family. Now I attend every Coalition ‘Parent Talk,’ training, and conference I can. As I’ve increased my confidence and built a support network, Charlie has been showing steady improvement, too.

“Last year, Charlie and I even attended a family event together where he had an opportunity to meet and talk with other adopted youth. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. Neither of us feels so alone anymore. I really don’t know what we would do without the Coalition!”

“Attending the Coalition’s conferences and training events is something we look forward to all year. Not only is it an opportunity to learn new skills, but you get to meet other foster and adoptive families like yours and share your experiences. One year, there was an attendee who stood up and introduced herself as a birth mom who had recently been reunified with her kids. She shared a bit about how her children ended up in foster care and how she was attending the conference, like the rest of us, to learn to become a better parent. It was powerful and moving—she was so honest and brave, and she was embraced and supported by the foster and adoptive parents there. I’m glad the Coalition offers those opportunities to see we’re all in this together for the good of our kids.”

Thank You!

Our deepest thanks to your friends, the corporations, foundations, and service clubs who help us to build awareness for adoption, foster care, and kinship care. You are incredible supporters of the work we do with children and families! Without your help, we would not be able to help so many.

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