Simply Stated, We Here At The Coalition Believe That Every Child Needs A Champion, And Every Champion Needs Support.

Our unique role is to advocate for the children most in need of connection, to coach foster and adoptive families to achieve resilience and to lead the viability and success of Wisconsin’s foster care and adoption ecosystem.

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Helping Adoptive Parents Build Circles of Support

You never really know how an evening spent with a group of strangers is going to go. Yet every time we host a Parent Talk event, we see strangers become supporters. Over a little pizza and a lot of sharing stories, it never fails that, at some point, one person in the room will exhale. Their shoulders come down, and they lean back in their chair, and they let out a breath that they have been holding in for far too long.

It doesn’t matter what form of adoption helped grow a person’s family. As adoptive parents, everyone in the room shares a lot of experiences and feelings—whether they adopted from the U.S. or internationally or from foster care. And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to adoption or a veteran. As one parent said, “It is always helpful to me to hear adoptive parents tell their stories. Our child is older than most of the other children discussed in the group, but it’s gratifying to be able to encourage younger parents who are dealing with similar issues that we have been through with our son.”

In the end, the circles of support forged at these Parent Talk events will carry parents through to the next step. Sitting in that room, sharing stories, they know, “you’re not the only one who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders. You’re not alone. Someone gets it . . . and they support you.”