Your Donations at Work

Journey Partners Takes its First Steps

Thanks to you, the Coalition team is growing. With the addition of  three “Journey Partners,” foster and adoptive parents are now able to connect one-on-one with peer mentors who have a rich history of lived experience. As a result, we will be coaching more families toward resiliency with confidence.

We are passionate about this program for a couple of reasons: it’s something that families have specifically asked for and it’s something that you—and other donors like you—have helped bring into reality. One member of our team is especially thrilled to see the Journey Partners program take its first steps. Diane Behm is more than a staff member at the Coalition, she’s also a foster adoptive parent with five children in her family. Diane knows firsthand that all families need support. “This program is my heart and soul,” she said.

While the Coalition has facilitated peer support for quite a while, the official Journey Partners program will allow us to reach more families who may need extra support. In addition, the Journey Partners program means we can continue to share the message that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

Thank you, again, for your help in bringing this project to life. You are truly leading the way for foster and adoptive families to find the support they need to be strong, resilient, and successful.