Advocating for the Most Vulnerable Children

Children and youth in foster care truly face a difficult journey. The Coalition specializes in understanding the needs of those kids most in need of a supportive home. We take an innovative approach to inspiring more Wisconsin families to consider foster care and adoption by using billboards, social media campaigns, and memorable public service announcements. Our strengths-based descriptions, engaging photographs, and personal videos bring to life the true personalities of the children and youth available for adoption.

Coaching Foster and Adoptive Families to Achieve Resilience

When a family is feeling overwhelmed, they need to know that there is a compassionate, responsive, and safe place for them to turn – and that place is the Coalition. By offering each family advice, resources, and referrals that are specific to their individual family situation, we help families know that it’s okay to ask for help. Moreover, as a trusted and continuing partner throughout a family’s foster or adoptive journey, those families know that they always have someone to turn to.

Leading the Viability and Success of Wisconsin’s Foster & Adoption Ecosystem

From children, families, and caseworkers, to agencies, advocates, and policymakers, there are a lot of people and parties involved with the foster care and adoption ecosystem. While all of those involved work for what is in the best interest of the child, it is also true that each party has their own needs, as well. Whether a parent faces an urgent need for resources, a supportive peer, or trustworthy tips to help care for the children in their home, or policymakers need vetted and authoritative information, the Coalition helps to balance the needs and interests of all those involved. We are Wisconsin’s central and comprehensive hub for up-to-date, in-depth, and definitive information about every aspect of foster care and adoption.

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