Mai Her-LeeProgram Manager

    Mai Her-Lee, Program Supervisor

    The Coalition is like a second family for Mai. She and her coworkers share a passion and commitment to the community in which the Coalition serves. Together, they stand strong and believe in the mission and vision of the organization.

    Mai holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has nearly two decades of experience working for nonprofit human services agencies serving children, youth, and families in Wisconsin communities. She has been a member of the Coalition team since August 2011.

    Mai is committed to being patient and providing validation, support, resources, and hope to everyone she connects with. She believes everyone needs an outlet where they can bravely express their vulnerabilities without judgement. It really fills Mai’s cup when she is able to hold such a space, and make a special connection to help someone through a difficult time.

    Email: mher-lee at